Most important developments

MyALPNR Software - Automatic License Plate Number Recognition

Taking advantage of maximizing the using of the computer vision we developed our vehicle license plate recognizer and we made an application which can perform for the small and medium-sized companies, vehicle recognizing and starting their simple way to induce event controls.

Development of Media Servers

Free broadcast transmission system which is similar to The interface is available at
Improvements consist of the following areas:

User streaming client.

C++ Program

Linux, C programming group, php interface

Server-side broadcast transmission: C program
Web front-end: PHP, MySQL

Development of Financial Systems

Creating the Billing Program for the Genex Holding Corporation.
The main goal was that, to done the invoice on the basics of the completed work, semi-automized mechanism and bill claimer. The program replaced the Revolution solution because reduced the time of the emissions.
Technical Specifications: Delphi 7, MySQL Database
Billing and accounting software development for the GVBSZ Kft. Company.
The goal was to create automatically bills from the bill claimers, which will also pre-book immediately.
Additional modules are:
-banking, home cashier, hand-held recording of the incoming bills, depreciation, opening/closing, lists, tax return preparation
Technical Specifications: Delphi 7, MySQL Database

MyImageDataRecover Recover

MyImageDataRecover Recover deleted JPG images from usb pen drive, memory stick, digital camera and from other remowable disk!


The MyNTFSDataRecover software is designed to restore deleted files from NTFS file system. Only six simple steps to restore the files from local disks or removable disks. The program is designed for users who do not have professional knowledge of the world of file systems.


MyFFVideoConverter is the most stable and comprehensive multi-format video converter available and is very easy to use.

Development of Task-specific security hardware

Special hardware, security router development.

ngNetSec MultiLayer router

Key features include:

- Network discovery, network devices from unauthorized research and alarms.
- Search for tapping-mode network devices and alarms.
- Searching for misconfigured network devices
- Faulty, dangerous programs, research and alert.

In addition, the network device, such as full-featured router is operating as follows:
- There are four main modes available.
- XDSL, CATV compatible Internet connection sharing and management of an internal network.
- Fixed ip address and internet connection to create VLANs.
- VLAN network connection based on VLAN ID and the subnet to share.
- Port filtering switch.

Thanks for the integrated DHCP and DNS servers we have option for a simple and convenient configuration and this is possible using the Web.
Thanks for the pre-configured OpenVPN server have never been so easy to safely access to company or home network.

Networks can be deployed:

Media servers, network and server monitoring

Those who choose us:
Netradio operation:
Szentkorona rádió
MixRadio I és II

Web hoszting:
On our server there is 170 host from the private sites to the target task portals.

Web server hosting:
Delton Ltd
Szupernet Ltd

VPS server hosting:
VasutVill Ltd

Enterprise server and network management:
Genex Ligetpark Ltd firewall system
Genex Holding corporation full control of servers and network firewall